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New federal program aims to make pet and farm animal feed safer through regulatory standards…

New federal program aims to make pet and farm animal feed safer through regulatory standards.

In the wake of a rash of pet food and pet treat recalls, a new federal program is working to make these products safer for animals. According Reuters, this program will standardize inspection procedures for pet and farm animal feed produced in the United States, making them safer.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) recently announced the launch of the Animal Feed Regulatory Program Standards. These standards will apply to inspections by state and other programs that monitor the production of pet food and farm animal feed.

Though they are voluntary, the FDA and AAFCO are encouraging states to adopt the feed standards to establish a “uniform foundation for the design and management of State program responsible for the regulation of animal feed.” They are also hoping that adoption of the program leads to sharing of information and coordination of resources among jurisdictions.

In 2013, a record number of pet and farm animal feed producers recalled products. Thirty-three in total, according the FDA’s website.  This year two pet food producers, Pro-Pet LLC and PMI Nutrition, LLC have recalled particular products due to possible salmonella contamination. For more information of pet food recalls, visit the FDA website.

Christina Valenta is a veterinary industry writer for TruePet Wellness Plans.

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