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Trends in the Veterinary Industry [INFOGRAPHIC]

Trends in the Veterinary Industry Infographic

  • 77C1500

    First comment? Lovely infographic, which is impossible to quote from. Would be nice if it contained a link to, or was followed by, a text-only summary.

    • DrNewz

      No problem… here are some of the main sources:

      1. Bayer Healthcare LLC Care Usage Study:
      2. AVMA:
      3. Small Business Trends:
      4. DVM360:
      5. Veterinary Suicide:
      6. VMHA:
      7. State of Pet Health (Banfield):–1

  • jana rade

    Well, who doesn’t have it tough these days … most important steps on improving things? Education, communication and good service, in my opinion. We are spending more on vet visits than on our food, clothing and other expenses. Our dog is worth it and, more importantly, what we get for it from our vet is worth it. We also have experience of taking our dog to the vet and getting no results at all. Ignoring symptoms, misdiagnoses, ignorance overall, putting ego before patient = major turn off. We stopped going to the vet then, because there was no point. Do keep that in mind. We will pay but we want quality expertise, care and respect.

    • DrNewz

      I am so happy you found a great vet! They are out there. Thanks for your input Jana.

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